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On the authority of Abdullah ibn Masood (ra), who said:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), and he is the truthful, the believed, narrated to us, “Verily the creation of each one of you is brought together in his mother’s womb for forty days in the form of a nutfah (a drop), then he becomes an alaqah (clot of blood) for a like period, then a mudghah (morsel of flesh) for a like period, then there is sent to him the angel who blows his soul into him and who is commanded with four matters: to write down his rizq (sustenance), his life span, his actions, and whether he will be happy or unhappy (i.e., whether or not he will enter Paradise). By the One, other than Whom there is no deity, verily one of you performs the actions of the people of Paradise until there is but an arms length between him and it, and that which has been written overtakes him, and so he acts with the actions of the people of the Hellfire and thus enters it; and verily one of you performs the actions of the people of the Hellfire, until there is but an arms length between him and it, and that which has been written overtakes him and so he acts with the actions of the people of Paradise and thus he enters it.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

On the authority of Abdullah, the son of Umar ibn al-Khattab (ra), who said:

I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say, "Islam has been built on five [pillars]: testifying that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing the salah (prayer), paying the zakat (obligatory charity), making the hajj (pilgrimage) to the House, and fasting in Ramadhan." [Bukhari & Muslim]

Also on the authority of 'Umar (ra) who said:

While we were one day sitting with the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) there appeared before us a man dressed in extremely white clothes and with very black hair. No traces of journeying were visible on him, and none of us knew him. He sat down close by the Prophet (ﷺ) rested his knee against his thighs, and said: "O Muhammad! Inform me about Islam." The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) replied: "Islam is that you should testify that there is no deity except Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger, that you should perform salah (ritual prayer), pay the zakah, fast during Ramadan, and perform Hajj (pilgrimage) to the House (the Ka'bah at Makkah), if you can find a way to it (or find the means for making the journey to it)." He said: "You have spoken truly." We were astonished at his thus questioning him and then telling him that he was right, but he went on to say, "Inform me about iman (faith)." He (the Prophet) answered, "It is that you believe in Allah and His angels and His Books and His Messengers and in the Last Day, and in fate (qadar), both in its good and in its evil aspects." He said, "You have spoken truly." Then he (the man) said, "Inform me about Ihsan." He (the Prophet) answered, "It is that you should serve Allah as though you could see Him, for though you cannot see Him yet He sees you." He said, "Inform me about the Hour." He (the Prophet) said, "About that the one questioned knows no more than the questioner." So he said, "Well, inform me about it's signs." He said, "They are that the slave-girl will give birth to her mistress and that you will see the barefooted ones, the naked, the destitute, the herdsmen of the sheep (competing with each other) in raising lofty buildings." Thereupon the man went off. I waited a while, and then he (the Prophet) said, "O 'Umar, do you know who that questioner was?" I replied, "Allah and His Messenger know better." He said, "That was Jibril. He came to teach you your religion." [Muslim]

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say: "Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah)

It is narrated on the authority of Amirul Mu'minin, Abu Hafs 'Umar bin al-Khattab (ra) who said:
I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say: "Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah), so each man will have what he intended. Thus, he whose migration (hijrah) was to Allah and His Messenger, his migration is to Allah and His Messenger; but he whose migration was for some worldly thing he might gain, or for a wife he might marry, his migration is to that for which he migrated." [Bukhari &Muslim]

Awesome Golden Sayings (Urdu) from Prophet Mohammed PBUHAHP and Hazrat Ali A.S


Awesome Golden Sayings from
Prophet Mohammed PBUHAHP and Hazrat Ali A.S

Must Read and Forward to all your Friends
1) ab tum kisi ko dost banao to apne dil mein 
aik qabristan bana lo jahan tum uski buraiiyan 
aur raaz dafna sako 
Prophet Muhammad PBUH ---
2) Acha dost kitni dafa hi kyun na ruth jaye 
ussey mana lena chahiyeh kyun ke 
tasbeeh ke daney kitni dafa hi kyun na bikher jayein 
chun liye jatey hein 
Hazrat Ali (AS) ---
3) Jab aankhein nafs ki pasandeeda cheezein dekhnein lagein 
to dil anjaam say andha ho jata hai 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
4)khtiyar, taqat aur daulat milne par log badaltey nahin 
balkey be-naqaab ho jatey hein 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
5)Din ki roshni mein rizq talash karo aur 
Raat ki tareeqi mein usse talash karo 
jo tumhein rizq deta hai 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
6)Kisi ko tum chaho aur woh tumhein thukra day, 
Yeh uski badnaseebi hai. Koi tumhein na chahey 
aur tum usse zaberdasti apna banana chaho, 
ye tumhare nafs ki zillat hai 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
7)Insaan dukh nahin deta, insaanoun say 
wabasta umeedein dukh deti hein 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
8)Agar kisi ka banna chahtey ho to poori haqeeqat say ban jao 
warna apni zaat mein aisi haqeeqat paida kar lo ke 
koi haqeeqat mein tumhara ban jaye 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
9)Sadqa (charity) jab apne malik ke hath se nikalta hai to 
Uss waqt 5 jumley kehta hai
1. Main faani maal tha tu nay mujhe baqa di 
2. Main tera dushman tha ab tu nay mujhe apna dost bana liya 
3. Aaj say pehlay tu meri hifazat karta tha 
ab mein teri hifazat karoun ga 
4. Main haqeer tha tu nay mujhe azeem bana diya 
5. Pehlay mein tere hath mein tha ab mein khuda ke haath mein hun 
Prophet Muhammad PBUH---
10) Logoun ki zarooraton ka tum say wabasta hona 
tum par Allah ki inayat hai 
Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS)---
11)Jab gunahon ke bawajood Rab-ul-Izzat ki naimatein 
musalsal tumhein milti rahein to hoshiyar ho jana 
ke tumhara hisaab qareeb aur sakht tareen hai 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
12)Mujhe jannat say zyada masjid mein bethna acha lagta hai 
kyun ke jannat mein mera nafs khush hoga, 
jab ke masjid mein mera rabb khush hoga 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
13)Momin woh nahin jis ki mehfil paak ho, 
Momin woh hai jis ki tanhaii paak ho 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
14)Barish ka qatra seep aur saanp dono ke munh mein girta hai.. 
seep ussey moti bana deta hai, 
saanp ussey zehr bana deta hai.. 
jiska jaisa zarf waisi uski takhleeq 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
15)One thing that is better not expressed 
even if it is true, is a man's praise for himself 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
3 kaam kisi ke dil mein aapki izzat barhatey hein
1. Salaam karna 
2. Kisi ko jagah dena 
3. Asal naam se pukarna 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
16)Koshish karo ke tum dunya mein raho 
dunya tum mein na rahey kyun ke 
kashti jab tak paani mein rehti hai khoob terti hai 
lekin jab paani kashti mein ajaye to woh doob jati hai 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
17)Apni zubaan ki taizi uss maa par mat aazmao 
jis ne tumhein bolna sikhaya 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
18)Mere Allah, meri izzat ke liye yehi kafi hai 
ke mein tera banda hun aur mere fakhar ke liye 
yehi kafi hai ke tu mera parwardigar hai.. 
tu waisa he hai jaisa mein chahta hun.. 
bas tu mujh ko waisa bana day jaisa tu chahta hai 
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
5 cheezon ki 5 jaga par hifazat karo
1... mehfil mein zubaan ki 
2. bazaar mein aankh ki 
3. namaz mein dil ki 
4. dastarkhwan mein pait ki 
5. nigah mein haya ki
Hazrat Ali (AS)---
3 cheezein insaan ko Allah se door karti hein
1. apne aamaal ko zyada samajhna 
2. apne gunhaoun ko bhool jana 
3. apne aapko sab se behtar samajhna 
Hazrat Ali (AS) ---
6 cheezein amal ko zaya karti hein
1. logon ke aaib talash karna 
2. Dil ki sakhti 
3. Dunya ki mohabbat 
4. Haya ki kammi 
5. Lambi umeed. 
6.. Zulm 
Hazrat ALi (AS)---
A friend cannot be considered a friend 
unless he is tested on three occasions
1. At the time of need 
2. Behind your back 
3. After your death 
Hazrat ALi (AS)---
Agar kisi ka zarf aazmana ho to zyada izzat do.. 
woh aala zarf hua to aapko aur zyada izzat dega 
aur kam zarf hua to khud ko aala samjhe ga 
Hazrat ALi (AS)---